Design and administration of networks

ithelper offers a wide range of services in the administration of local area networks (LAN) in the city of Vienna. For businesses of all sizes we will audit finished systems, identify vulnerabilities, ensure data security and support around the clock.

Our specialists will prepare a draft of new computer systems with extensive documentation. Based on the specifics of the premises and the customer’s requirements, we will provide quality installation of network equipment and laying of the cable system. Certified engineers will install and configure the software in full accordance with the needs of the enterprise. Upon completion of the project, you get a fast, modern and reliable network for managing  your organization.

We have extensive experience in the design and support of local area networks of different sizes. Contacting us you will get a real professional support.

Network setup consulting

LAN design

Networking cable and router installation

Switchboard installation

System engineering

Asterisk based IP-telephoning

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You can call our specialist from 8 am. to 5 pm. every day at +43 664 926 87 67 or by filling out the customer form / ordering the return call.