Diagnostics and repairs of computers

Sooner or later any device becomes unstable or refuses to work completely. The reasons can be many: hardware failure, overheating of parts of devices, viruses or software problems. No stable job, permanent freeze, unexplainable reboot, blue screens with incomprehensible messages – all this can be a serious cause for referral to a specialist.

As soon as possible we will:

  • provide diagnostics
  • check the operation and reliability of the operating system
  • clean your computer from garbage, viruses and unwanted programs
  • customize and optimize your system and applications

After making a full diagnostics of hardware and software, our experts will identify any existing problems pinpointing the possible vulnerabilities and eliminate them. In addition to the service, we will configure your operating system, clean the disc from garbage and other malware and viruses.

Diagnostics of computers and laptops

Repairs of computers and laptops

Lost and corrupted data recovery

Operating system recovery

Operating system cleanup and optimization

Full computer/laptop cleanup service

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